In 1940, the Dewar family purchased Banbury Point from its English owner, Captain F.C. Banbury, and constructed the buildings in 1941. Banbury was the Dewar's private summer home until 1985, when they decided to share. They created the RV Park & Camping Resort you see today starting with the development of the sites in North, East and South Camps and ending with the completion of 'Windmill Park' and 'Windmill Point'.

The private home and out-buildings have names such as the Big House, the Dog House, the Band Box and the Boat House. In addition to being a resort, for many years Banbury was also a working orchard growing several varieties of fruit. As of 2007, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, in Kelowna, BC. have been growing organic grapes on the farmland.


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