During these challenging times, Banbury Green hopes to provide an opportunity for our guests to experience some fresh air and socialization (at a safe distance). Our team has implemented a number of changes to our usual operations to keep our staff and guests safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before your visit.

For those of you who have been here before, you know we're not one of those resorts with 100s of rules and regulations. If you've never stayed with us before, we know you will be thrilled with your choice! We want you to have a wonderful holiday. In return, we expect that you will treat our property and home with the same care and attention you would your own. It boils down to common courtesy and common sense; we trust that all our visitors have both so we don't need to talk about obvious things like garbage, putting non-septic-friendly stuff down the toilets, leaving disgusting messes in the bathrooms, etc.

However, a few things do need a mention:

The speed limit while driving in the resort is 10 kilometres per hour. To date, we have not installed speed bumps because we want your children to be able to ride and run freely. No doubt you think 10 kilometres per hour is tediously S-L-O-W but you won't if it happens to be your child who narrowly misses being hit by a speeding driver. The speed limit is strictly enforced -- "1 Strike and You're OUT".

Hanging tents and rope swings are NOT permited. Please do not climb our trees, nail anything into our trees or hang anything on our trees. Many are very old and fragile.

While we too enjoy the ducks and geese, please DO NOT feed them. Do not let your children feed them. If we end up with too much duck/goose poop on our docks, rafts and in the water, not only does it make it totally unenjoyable to sit on the dock or swim to the raft, we run the risk of the water becoming contaminated and not swimmable.

No! Please do NOT set them off anywhere on or near the property. Not only are they a major fire hazard, they scare the heck out of many dogs, including ours. If you disregard this policy, you will be asked to leave.

Banbury has several swimming areas and rafts. When it comes to using your boat or SeaDoo, please use that common sense that we've talked about and do NOT speed through the water in between a raft and the shore. These areas are WAKE FREE ZONES. Proceed slowly - AT A CRAWL - out of the swimming area and then feel free to 'put the pedal to the metal'. This may seem like an inconvenience but we're pretty sure you wouldn't find it so if it were your family that was run over by some thoughtless fool racing through the swimming zone.

Banbury is not a party campground; 11:00pm to 8:00am is quiet time. Please respect those around you as they too want a good night's sleep. If you're coming with teenagers, please ensure that they are back on your site by 11:00pm.

One car per site please; we hope you're coming here to enjoy beautiful Banbury ... not look at your all your cars! There is ample additional parking within walking distance to your site. Please don't park on the lawns or drive over our hoses/sprinklers. If we came to your home to visit, would you want us to park on your lawn? Didn't think so.

Your dogs are welcome but they must be leashed and with you, or at your site, at all times. Please 'scoop the poop' as no doubt you don't want to step in it any more than we do. Sorry but dogs that have any aggression issues are not welcome.

There is one picnic table on every site. We don't have enough tables to make exceptions -- and, no, you were not "told by someone that you could have two". When you take a table off a site, you inconvenience your neighbours and us. Please don't.

Sites 37 – 53 have sewer connections.
If you're not sure about how to set up your line, just ask and we'll be there in a jiffy to give you a hand. PLEASE NOTE: RVs must have a connector on the end of their hose in order to connect to our sewer system.  No connector - no hook-up.
PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH "FLUSHABLE WIPES". They do not break down - they clog up the pumps in our sewer system, causing the sewage to back up.

We appreciate your attention to the above and look forward to seeing you soon!

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